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Soul healing retreat

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1 Soul healing retreat on Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:49 pm

Last october I attended two retreats in Sydney and Melbourne which were both transforming and enlightening.
Both were conducted by Master Zhi gang Sha.
Master Sha teaches about the power of the Soul and about Soul Healing.
He offers different kinds of retreats, these ones were healing retreats. During the retreat we were taught many healing secrets and powerful chants which among other things help to open our healing channel further.. Each participant received many blessings and one person with MS had all of her symptoms disappear. I have never met such a powerful and inspiring healer!
Master Sha offers special 'soul downloads' which provide a new 'software' for the body to heal itself. Such software can be for an organ, system or a condition. These downloads are a gift from the divine which are channeled through Master Sha.
At the end of june and the beginning of july 2010, Master Sha will be visiting Australia and will offer more workshops in Sydney and Melbourne.
I highly recommend to meet master Sha and to see the possibilities and power that we as healers can have.

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