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How to turn hatred and fear from job into enjoyment on www.mastersofuniverse.net

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Would you like to wake up every day happy? Are you interesting in increasing of your remuneration package? Do you want to eliminate stress while working under pressure?
In many ways our minds are very similar to computers. In a computer you have hardware and software. The software is all our thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs, as well as our basic innate intelligence. Just like with a computer, we start with our operating system: in this case, the programming for our basic body functions and the underlying intelligence that allows the system to function and accumulate knowledge. Unlike a computer, there are many more basic functions built into our operating system. In fact, all that we need to function well in life is already part of our operating system.
As we go through life, we have experiences and accumulate data, so our resident memory gets more and more full and our processing capabilities gets more taxed. Just like with a computer, the more memory that is free and the more processing capability that is available, the faster and more efficient the computer functions. However, experiences that have a neutral emotional contentóthat feel completeóare highly compressed. Conversely, emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like programs and files that are left open running in the background, so they are using much more of your available memory and processing capability.These open programs and files also take a toll on our basic ability to function effectively in life and learn new useful skills. They create mental confusion and conflict because they are often sending contradictory messages that interfere with your conscious intentions and with each other.Several emotionally charged programs are working like a viruses Ė just waiting for a pre-defined time or certain sequence of action to start. And, consequently, the whole system leads to breakdown of suffering.
As you use the Masterís solutions, you are freeing available memory and processing capability by letting go of the emotional charge that is keeping these programs and files running in the background.
So, how to turn your hatred and fear into your strength
Letís start with hatred of getting up early. Erasing this hatred gives us the enjoyment of the early morning and self-confidence. Next, we need to eliminate the anger of the traffic jams, crowded transport and elevators. Afterward, we have to work through the limitedness and unhealthiness of the office space, and lack freedom in cubicle or no privacy in the open-space.
Most important is to remove the enforcement of ourselves to make this boring job from nine-to-five with wearing the mask of happy, smart and pompousemployee of the prestigious organization. Besides that, we need to eliminate stress of working under pressure.
We need to forgive our bosses, team leaders and colleagues for humiliation, neglecting and disrespectful treatment of ourselves, for all the grudges made to us in the past. To improve the relationship with clients, it needs to clean the blame, judgment and conviction about them. We need to work through the salary,
bonuses and other financialand moral rewards.
Working through the deeper level, we need to clean the acceptance of the behavioral patterns, convictions and judgments about the job that is taken from our parents. Finally, we can make ourselves free from fears of being fired or ability to find the better job. Since we have no illusion about workplace anymore, we can find the more satisfying job more quickly and our expectations will be closer to reality.
The use of the solution will make you free from your everyday suffering just in few days. And, you will not need to waste your time, money and energy to find a new job. Do you expect to have a job you love without changing it?

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