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Soul Healing

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1Soul Healing Empty Soul Healing on Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:53 pm

I would like to introduce to you an incredibly powerful healing modality!
2 years ago, my spiritual teacher suggested that I will meet with a powerful Master who came to Sydney. His name is Master Zhi Gang Sha. I have been Master Sha's student since then. I would like to share this with you because the last 2 years not only transformed me as a person but it has also transformed my practice! I have been a practitioner of chinese medicine for 9 years. One of the main principles in chinese medicine stated in the ancient chinese texts is: " To heal a person, one must heal the soul". The chinese recognized that each organ has a soul. They recognized the importance of healing the soul - not just the energy!
The soul is like a software which makes the organ or system or cell function the way it does. SOUL HEALING is a healing system which transforms the soul first- the mind and body follows. It is not energy healing.

Many miracles have taken place in my clinic in the last couple of years. My ability to channel the divine has increased dramatically. That happens not only when I actively heal but with every Acupuncture needle that I put in - the Divine is there!

Master Sha has a training program which includes not only techniques and practices but a very unique DIVINE HEALING TRANSMISSION which every practitioner receives and uses for healing. It is a great gift from the Divine to us!The teaching is profound and simple.
If you are serious about your path as a healer, I suggest you investigate further into this!
There are practice groups in Sydney and Melbourne that are open to the public.
And also - Master Sha will be visiting Australia in the end of june this year and during the first week or two of july.
I will be very happy to respond to any questions and interest.
I know how passionate I am about healing and serving others in that way and I would wish that other people like me would benefit from these teachings and great healing power that is available to us.
Thank you

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