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Amazing healing for a Dog

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1 Amazing healing for a Dog on Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:14 pm

I have a friend who's dog had a stroke about two months ago. Her dog could not drink or use her tongue, She had a constant tremor and had a mini seizures many times during the day. After she was given drugs and was sedated, the vet thought that the only option would be to put her down.

At the time we were at a retreat with one of our teachers representatives. My friend brought her dog with her. during the retreat( just by being in the divine vibration in the retreat) the dog stated to use her tongue again!

Later my friend contacted our teacher - Master Zhi Gang Sha who is a spiritual healer. I think after two times he sent her remote healing from America (where he was at the time) She was back to normal!
Not only all her symptoms were gone, she is now brighter and looks younger then before!
Master Sha will be in Sydney and melbourne in june-july 2010.

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