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Soul Healing

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1 Soul Healing on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:03 am

When you read this message you will receive a blessing for your heart center
My Name is Gal Mor. I am an acupuncturist.
I have been an Acupuncturist for 9 years and am working in Brookvale Sydney.
In the last 2 years, After meeting Master Zhi Gang Sha, I started using Soul healing in my practice.
My clients receive Acupuncture and healing at the same time.

Acupuncture works on the level of energy.
Soul healing works on the level of the Soul.
After the energetic pattern changes - healing on the Physical, emotional mental aspects follows.
After the soul transforms - The energy and matter transforms as well. The change occurs on the deepest level of ones being - the soul.

Everything has a soul. The soul is like a software which makes things work in a certain way. For example: If the software(soul) of the liver is pure, the liver will function well - the message from the soul to its related organ is of purity and health. I see many miracles in my clinic and so do other Soul healers who are trained in this method by Master Sha.
Soul healing truly touches on the root cause of illness and suffering! It is amazing!

The reason I have joined the Healing Circle is because I wish for all of you healers to expand just as I have (and still do) and if you wish, receive the wonderful gift of Soul healing ability ( many Australians have received this ability ). I would like you all to know about this because it is truly incredible!
I will be more than happy to answer any questions and will post more information and soul techniques when I can.
I bless all of you

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