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How to Eliminate Needy Behavior And Create Successful Relationships?

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Do you know that needy behaviors regularly hijack even the most confident of individuals and leave them feeling unattractive, weak, foolish, inadequate, clingy, and prone to being rejected by their partner? Do you know such behaviors are generated and driven by subconsciously stored programs that are rooted in early negative memories of being unloved, unwanted, rejected, abandoned, abused, humiliated, neglected etc.? Finally, do you know that unless those programs are permanently and completely deleted from within you will be constantly enslaved to them and at the mercy of their wrath? Want to learn more?
Do you ever feel when experiencing some needy behavior that something other than you is in control of you? In other words, do you feel like you are "being controlled" almost as if you feel "possessed" by some hidden force? Well that is exactly what is happening!
So what is this force and how can you expose it so that you can reclaim control over your mind, body and chances of having a successful fulfilling and healthy relationship?
Well, what many experience as "neediness" is essentially driven by deep feelings of "emptiness" that live within. That emptiness is due to a deficiency in what I call Life Force Energy or LFE. LFE is one's vital life energy and also the source of all of one's positive resources i.e. their self confidence, self esteem, strength, wisdom, resilience, self worth, peace of mind, sense of wellbeing, positive outlook, optimism, courage and much more.
Each time that one experiences a negative "life" event the memory of the event gets downloaded into the subconscious mind/body and there it behaves like what I refer to as a LFE "parasite" which systematically and progressively depletes LFE from the mind/body. This depletion leaves one feeling compromised, empty and ultimately "needy"; needy for things such as care, love, security, connection, validation, guidance, acknowledgement etc.
In other words it leaves one feeling like a "handicapped human being!"
Do that sound a bit harsh to you? After all most people have come to believe that it is normal for human beings to have needs. Well, if you look at how those needs makes you feel, do you feel whole, strong, confident, hopeful, positive, optimistic, capable etc.?
I highly doubt it!
Instead you will invariably feel weak, vulnerable, needy, out of control, compromised and handicapped!
So do you like feeling this way? If not try the following; place one hand over your Heart and as if you are speaking from there simply say the following to yourself:
"I do not like feeling needy, compromised, or handicapped. Rather I desire to feel whole, complete, strong, independent, self assured, self directed and fully alive."
Now notice whether you feel anything happens within you. Some of you will start to experience such things as feelings/experiences of: lightness, peace, joy, calmness, warmth, expansion, vibration etc.

If you like this affirm it as if you are speaking from the Heart.
You have begun, in a rudimentary way, to reintegrate some of your LFE and re-experience what it feels like to be whole and alive.
In order to make this a more permanent experience it will be necessary to delete the negative memory parasites I referred to above. To learn more about new self-development technique and coaching process that can achieve this kindly buy the Masterís Solution: Emotional Child: Bubble and also request a free introductory Viber/Skype consultation that will help you take your mind, body and relationship life back.
Yeah it'll be fun! especially with the results I'm getting from the latest form for the procedures that I'm using, so powerful, deep and fast! I'm getting all my energy back and I'm gonna make this year the best year of my life! I love it, I'm SOOOO excited!!!
Noah, Washington, USA

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