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healing Tiredness

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1 healing Tiredness on Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:39 pm

There are two main kinds of tiredness:
One is due to lack of energy. to heal this one, we need to boost energy
The other kind is due to energy blockage. In this case we need to regulate energy.

Most people know many techniques for boosting energy when there is a lack. I will concentrate on tiredness due to energy blockage since it is more common when living in our modern lifestyle:
I have known for many years that the wood element brings movement. I also know that the sound for the wood element is JIAO, but I never knew what to do with this sound and how to use it. My teacher Master Sha taught me that To regulate the energy in the body,( in particularly the energy of the liver which is in-charge of free energy flow) all I need to do is to Chant repeatedly 'JIAO'. I once had a client who was suffering from fatigue. I tried to boost his energy but that did not make him feel any better. Then I asked him to chant 'JIAO' - after 1-2 minutes her felt totally energized!

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