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How Do Bad Memories Blocked Out Your Money?

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1How Do Bad Memories Blocked Out Your Money? Empty How Do Bad Memories Blocked Out Your Money? on Tue Mar 17, 2015 5:10 pm

Are you one of those individuals who knows or "suspects" that you harbour some negative or bad memories but has trouble remembering them? Often this sense suggests that such memories are associated with some pretty harsh negative feelings that are likely too painful for one to be consciously aware of. So if you can't remember them where do they go and why?
The mind has an interesting built mechanism which tends to handle the memories of very negative or bad experiences that, if carried in one's conscious awareness, would invariably incapacitate them from functioning. So based on the fear of de-compensating the mind tends to bury such negative memories in the subconscious mind i.e. it makes them "un" conscious. Is this a good thing or not?
Well based on the long held belief that once an experience is had it gets stored permanently in memory most individuals would likely say that, yes, this is a good thing. This conclusion is however limited by having available other options by which to "process" the bad memory.
Now here let me say that I am totally aware of the various "therapies" out there available to help individuals address such memories.
Most of these tend to attenuate the negative feelings associated with the event so that they are more tolerable. For many individuals this may be all that they desire. The main problem is that in spite of attenuating the feelings they do not eliminate the negatively charged memory from the mind and/or body.
In other words the kernel of the memory remains intact as a holographic representation of the original event. This "kernel" has the interesting property that it can regenerate all of the negative feelings over and over again over time. In other words, in my experience it can "undo" all of that therapy in time.
It has also been my experience working with a new subconscious mind technique that literally challenges the belief that the event happened at all it is possible to completely extract the kernel of the memory from the mind and body. This leaves an individual feeling completely free of the event along with the strange but empowering experience that it never took place.
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