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How to get back control over your mind and body energy?

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It may sound strange to you when I say that you have lost control over your mind and body but itís the truth. To verify this for your self all you have to do is to recognise that there are unwanted processes occurring in your mind/body that you have no way of controlling. To find out why you lost control and how to reclaim it read this.
Your Life Force Energy (LFE) is the force that is supposed to be in charge of your mind/body. It is essentially who and what you are. It also has embedded within it the infinite knowledge and resources to optimize the functioning of your mind/body. Unfortunately, as you age LFE becomes progressively depleted from your mind/body.
Indeed it is this depletion that defines and is responsible for the aging process.
What you may not know consciously, although your Heart does, is that this depletion of LFE is absolutely abnormal and is being perpetrated on you by unconsciously stored programming that is based in what you call the memories making up your life history.
Many of these memories are negative or traumatic in nature yet continue to live within you. They do so for three main reasons a) you donít yet know how to fully detoxify yourself of them b) you think they are useful to you and c) you believe they essentially make up who you are as a person.
Unfortunately all of those negative memories do one unpleasant thing; they parasitically siphon off and deplete your LFE from your mind/body. To see this for yourself simply dredge one up and as you focus on it notice what happens to your energy. Youíll immediately see that your energy is negatively affected by having such parasites stored inside you.
These negative memories also ďproduceĒ like little factories, negative thoughts and emotions that erupt into your conscious mind and wrestle control of your mind (and thus your life) away from you. In other words youíve been hijacked by them!
If any of this is resonating with you, and youíre likely to feel this resonance most strongly in the Heart region so focus there, then kindly do the following. Place one hand over your Heart and as if you are speaking from there simply say the following:
What has just been said resonates with me. It is my desire to fully reclaim control of my mind and body. It is also my desire to re-integrate my Life Force Energy completely with my mind and body.Ē
Now take a moment and notice how you feel inside. You may have begun to feel some or all of the following: warmth, lightness, energy, peace, stillness, calm, clarity, strength, confidence, joy and so on. If you like this simply affirm that to your self via your Heart and it will continue to grow stronger.
You have just kick started the re-integration of your Life Force Energy with your mind/body. This is what it feels like to be alive. If you would like to make this grow and make it a permanent state of being then kindly get our exclusive Masterís solution: Auto-Reiki: powerful energetic and relaxation technique.
Feel free to share this letter with those who needed.

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