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How To Erase Negative Memories of Abandonment?

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Do you know that negative memories of abandonment in early life lead to low self worth, low self esteem, self sabotaging relationship patterns, deep feelings of neediness, feeling defective, unlovable, unwanted, emptiness, and ultimately serve to repeat the pattern of rejection and abandonment in latter life? Do you know this negative spiral towards loneliness and despair can be stopped and reversed simply by erasing the subconsciously stored early negative memories of abandonment that parasitically have hijacked your life away from you? How does one do that you ask?
Although many people are either sceptical or afraid of the idea of having negative memories erased a new self-development technique developed over a decade ago has been shown to be effective in rapidly, effortlessly and permanently erasing any negative emotion, negative thought or feeling that is driven by subconsciously stored conditioning from one's early life.
The process is accessible world wide and is unlike any process you have ever experienced before. It is based on the discovery that past negative emotions behave like parasitic energy sources whose purpose is to siphon your Life Force Energy from your mind/body and life leaving you handicapped and weakened.
It was also discovered that negative memories can only reside inside you if they can some how "convince" you that they are useful to you. This is accomplished through a subtle hypnotic-like process that few are aware of. The memories come associated with subtle "lies" that make the memories themselves "look" useful to you. Some of these lies are: they protect me from making future mistakes, I have grown to be a wiser person as a result of having them inside of me, they make up an important part of my identity, I wouldn't know who I am if I were to get rid of them, and so on.
By following these beliefs to their "illogical" conclusion they can all be shown to be false. The process mentioned above does this easily and effortlessly. As the individual becomes conscious of these lies the latter immediately dissolve and that causes the memory's hold on the individual to weaken permanently. As one progressively exposes all of these "anchoring lies" (usually a small finite number) the negative memory completely and permanently dissolves from consciousness.
Hard to believe? Yes, I guess it would be if you did not directly experience it first hand yourself. For that reason I do not and would not expect you to believe it, rather I would recommend that you experience it for yourself if you wish. Doing so can be such a revolutionary experience that it will open doors to your personal growth you likely never dreamed were even there.
This self-development is accessible by Internet. To learn more about it, to request a free e-copy of my book or to request a free 1 hour introductory telephone consultation that will help empower you in all areas of your life and help you begin to move towards an effortlessly successful life kindly get Masterís Solution.

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