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Who Am I If I Erase Negative Memories of My Past?

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In the last several years working with a new self improvement process that can be applied to almost any personal issue whether it be related to performance, relationship enhancement, health, attracting abundance, spiritual enlightenment and so on, I have been helping individuals literally unload the cumulative "baggage" of negative emotional memories. Today this can be done so effectively that it feels to the individual undertaking this personal journey as if the negative events never took place. This has allowed for a fresh clean state from which that individual can begin anew to create themselves and their lives.
This is nothing short of being given a second chance at life.
The positive ramifications of this are many. The impediments one runs into however can also be considerable. What are these impediments?
To explain I need to give you some background information.
Every negative emotion that you "record" within your mind and body gets stored there and does several things.
First it resides within you as a holographic parasitic life energy virus that robs you of vital energy: energy that is supposed to be utilized to support the structure and function of your mind and body.
Second, it poses as an impostor. What do I mean by this? Well effectively it convinces you that "it", the "memory virus", is part of you i.e. that it makes up part of your personality. In so doing it seduces you into allowing it to remain there ensconced in your energy field where it continues to draw off your life energy. You can readily see this if you simply think of a negatively charged memory you've experienced and notice what happens to your energy as you focus on it. I think you'll readily feel the draining effect of this negativity. That is your life energy being sucked into a negative vortex. That is equivalent to you "dying"! You may wish to ponder this insight for a moment.
Finally, the most significant thing these viruses do is that they convince you that you can't live without them. For instance I've had many people ask me, quite fearfully "Who would I be without these memorabilia?" The belief being that they would begin to lose their identity and likely fall into a pit of emptiness.
The fact is that it is the negative emotional charges themselves, having their innate own intelligence, that are convincing you of this falsehood. It's really their negative effect on you, i.e. draining your life energy and killing you, that is the problem is it not?
If you recognize this then simply place one hand over your heart and affirm for yourself that you'd like to start to be free of them and that you'd like to reclaim mastery and possession of your own real estate i.e. your mind, heart, body and life energy.
Now notice how you feel. I'm sure you feel considerably more empowered and energized. If you'd like to take the next step to your self mastery buy our Masterís Solution: Erasing fears.

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