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Negative Beliefs About Money - How To Uncover And Eliminate Wealth Blocks

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Some people achieve wealth and others struggle in silence. Why is this? Well some might say that they don't have full control of their circumstances and therefore blame their situation on external circumstances.
Would it surprise you though if I said that many of you who are living a life of poverty are likely carrying negative conditioned beliefs about money that are clandestinely blocking you from ever attracting wealth?
Many of these beliefs are learned in early life through familial, cultural, social, educational and religious experiences. Some of them are:
1. Money is dirty.
2. Money is the root of all evil.
3. I could become overly dependent on it.
4. It will tarnish my sense of who I am as a person.
5. I'll become a greedy and uncaring person.
6. I'll attract the unwanted envy of others.
7. It'll make me stand out and I'll lose my privacy.
8. It takes too much effort to earn it.
9. I don't deserve it.
10. I am an unworthy person.
And so on...
Such beliefs get stored deep in your mind and body (what some call your unconscious mind) and limit you in almost everything that you do.
Many, when confronted with the fact that their belief system is responsible for their financial state become defensive at "being found out". They may tend to withdraw from, get angry with or dismissive of what has been said to them.
These tendencies reflect a deep fear of becoming conscious of and giving up the beliefs that perpetuate their state of victim hood.
You see many individuals in such situations have the unconscious belief that adopting the role of a victim is somehow going to make their life better in some way.
A victim however will rarely choose to admit that they are responsible for their situation. After all isn't that the definition of a victim?
You see being a victim is actually a state of mind that is anchored in conditioned ways of thinking about one's self and one's world.
In other words the real offending agents are not the external circumstances but the conditioned beliefs themselves.
These can all be uncovered and released permanently thus freeing you from your bondage.
Well a new ego purification technique developed a decade ago has shown that negative emotions can now be readily, completely and permanently erased from the subconscious mind (i.e. the hard drive of the mind) with an algorithm that is accessible to anyone who can read and write. If you don't feel too offended by what has been said and you wish to free yourself from Wealth Blocks, to feel more emotionally secure, independent, confident, attractive, complete, and mature .

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