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Immortality and long life

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1 Immortality and long life on Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:57 pm

I would like to share with you a healing secret which I have learned from my Master -Zhi gang Sha who is the lineage holder of the Taoist lineage.

The Taoists were always interested in immortality.
The First master who Is known and related to the Taoist lineage is Pung Zhu('long life star') who was the teacher of the well known Saint Lao Tzu.
Pung Zhu lived for over 800 years.
His secret was swallowing his saliva during chanting.
When chanting Divine mantra's a special liquid is formed in the mouth. This liquid holds very special essences. These essences should be swallowed into your Lower Dan Tian which is known as the second chakra under the naval.
To know more about these technique contact me or read the book TAO1 in the soul power series by Dr. Sha (this book will be available this may)

The importance of living longer is that you will be able to continue your spiritual journey and give service continuously. When you reincarnate you will have to start from the beginning again!

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