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After a long hiatus...

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1 After a long hiatus... on Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:49 pm

I have been led back to my energy work after a long hiatus. Feel free to pass this on to whom ever you feel it benefits. Those of you I have worked with in the past know that I prefer to remain somewhat anonymous and go only by Lissa, when doing energy work. My family's privacy is of the utmost importance to me and the main reason that I stopped accepting clients was that the line blurred for some people and my children were affected. After kind but firm nudging from the illustrious Pamelia Evans, an internationally acclaimed Psychic Healer, I am going back to work as a distance healer which I enjoy the most and have excelled in since childhood. I'm jumping into 2010 with both feet and look forward to the new challenges and stories that lay ahead. Happy New Year! Lissa

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