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Hi, I was just wondering whether anyone else has used flower essences on babies. My baby isn't sleeping well at the moment so I have started with dog rose...
Anyone else with experiences re babies and essences?

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2 Flower essences and babies on Sat Oct 11, 2008 8:30 am

Hello Star,
I am a Naturopath who has frequently used Bush flowers and vibrational remedies on infants and children with fantastic results. Many children experience acute illnesses (skin rashes etc) and really they only require gentle healing techniques to help them throw off any constitutional wastes. Infants are still very much connected with energies and their own bodies and because of this respond really well to flower essences to support the natural healing process and this is a better way to go than relying on stronger medical intervention. I am all for using flower essences on children and animals, they respond really well.

Black eyed susan - too promote stillness of mind and body.
Bottlebrush - connection to mother, transitions, calmness.

Take care

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Hi Star
I'm a mother of a 3 year old daughter and 23 month old son and have been using both Bach flowers and Aust Bush flowers on them since birth and swear by them Smile I have found it useful to keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy handy in their bedroom and also in my nappy bag for when we go out, for those moments when they're unsettled. I also added some Bottlebrush to a bottle of the Bush Flowers Emergency Essence and found that mix helps for when my kids are off colour or unwell physically.

Nowadays my daughter actually asks for her "drops" when she is not well and my son happily opens his mouth when I approach him with an eye dropper full of flower essence - he does not have the same kind of enthusiasm for any other kind of medicine I can assure you Laughing Children just seem to know Smile

If you're worried about your baby ingesting the brandy that flower essences are preserved in then you can lightly rub the essence onto your child's pulse points. Alternatively, I have just given my kids half the number of recommended dosage drops and that works fine too.

best of luck

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I love you Hi Sally,

can you recommend anything for a 3 months old little sweetheart who gets constipation due to formula feeds?

advice would be appreciated.

Love and Light,


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5 Hi Kylie on Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:40 am

Hello Kylie,
If you want to use Bush Flower Essences to help ease the discomfort of constipation for your little girl I would suggest trying:

* Crowea - a sense of things not being quite right
* Dog Rose - shyness and holding on
* Monga Waratah - neediness
* Paw Paw - burdened, stagnation
* Red Grevillea - feeling stuck or oversensitive.

Please look at the Australian Bush Flower Essences website and choose one which may better suit your daughter as you know her temperament and spirit better than I. The website is www.ausflowers.com.au

The childrens range of Brauer liquids (Colic Relief) may help. It contains homeopathic remedies such as Chamomilla and Magnesium Phosphate to reduce digestive symptoms such as colic and constipation in babies.

You can also add a small amount of slippery elm, chamomile tea, cod liver oil or vitamin C to her formula to encourage bowel movement. Or try changing formulas to one that contains less sugar, is organic and does not use artificial colors, flavours and additives in the ingredients.

Also giving your baby gentle stomach massages with a warmed oil may help to provide relief.


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