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"Only mental blocks prevent you from seeing your pure natures. You are your own light. Look within your own self."
His Holiness, The Dalai Lama of Tibet
The programming of the subconscious mind directs the weight, shape, health, energy, functions, and actions of your body. The programming of the subconscious mind directs your automatic actions; i.e. the things that you do without consciously trying to. The programming of the subconscious mind affects your emotions by triggering brain chemicals that stimulate those emotions. Emotions also trigger brain chemicals. Behind every emotion triggering brain chemicals and behind every emotion triggered by brain chemicals are THOUGHTS that began the whole process.
IMPORTANT: Even when you change your conscious thoughts, even when you release cell memory, even when you heal and transform negative experiences and the emotions attached to them, even when you convince the lower self to change its mind, negative subconscious programs of the past always remain.
Subconscious programming can be erased and altered by Master’s Solutions technique that reach the subconscious level of the mind in which the programming is stored.
What prevents us from being willing to receive money are the mostly false beliefs and erroneous meanings we give to money—our money blueprint. That means most of us have to start out by tackling our beliefs and meanings we attach to money. Beliefs like, “You have to work hard for money,” “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “Money doesn’t come easily,” and “I have to struggle for money” are so deeply ingrained in most of us that ideas like “There’s no shortage of money,” “Money is neutral,” and “Money flows easily towards those who are willing to accept it,” seem ludicrous to our way of thinking. But if we are to have a breakthrough with money, we must examine all these beliefs and see which ones work best. In the end, it’s always what works.
We need to look also at how we have made money mean something more than it is. For example, most people think that having money automatically means “I am successful,” “Money is a form of approval,” “Money gives me control,” “Money makes me important,” “With money I can be irresponsible,” and “Debt and money are the same.” These meanings we attach to money are what make it so emotional; they are the reason money is such an emotional issue.
Anyway, back to you. You developed your money blueprint in your first five to seven years of life. That’s why the beliefs are so deeply embedded in your subconscious mind. That’s why you default to them so quickly. They’re so tenacious they continue to dominate your financial life no matter how much money you might attract at some point in your life. If you happened to get more than your blueprint says is normal, you will get rid of it fast. Every time someone wins a particularly large lottery pot, the news blooms with stories about people who won that amount of money in the past, how quickly they got rid of it and how it ruined their lives.
Most methods of “money manifestation” focus on re-programming your money blueprint, but do not deprogram the sub-conscious to accept more money. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars going to workshops to do that, and come away more broke than when they started. They have spent all that money but still don’t attract it.
With our powerful Master’s Solution: Eliminate the roots of laziness and get the money, you give the command to subconscious to eliminate the blockages and cramps on our money flows. By using this part of your psyche, you
• Let go of your illusions about money.
• Strengthen your understanding that money is energy; that it’s neutral and will flow wherever it wants to flow.
• Clear understanding that money just waiting your move to get them.

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