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Communicating with spirits

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1 Communicating with spirits on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:48 pm

There are spirits everywhere. They are beings, just as we are but without a physical body.
Some times they can interrupt people because they try to communicate, Sometimes they want to cause trouble. You can develop your ability to communicate with them. Do not become friends with them but just get the information that you need. To open your communication with them it is essential that you open and purify your heart center. There are many technique for doing that. You can check out The book soul communication by Dr. Sha.
If you have a serious difficulty with a spirit in your home, do not try to communicate with it. You may think it is simple but it may not be the case. There are many levels of spirits, not everyone can deal with all of them(even if they think that they can)
If there are specific questions, I would be happy to give specific suggestions.

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