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Sound power to heal all aspects of our being - the song of your Soul

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As you all know, everything carries vibration and frequency.
Any sound we make also brings with it it's own unique vibration and frequency.
when using particular sounds or Mantra's we can bring into ourselves DIVINE FREQUENCY. Divine frequency carries Divine love, light, Forgiveness and compassion.
Divine love - melts all blockages and transforms all life
Divine light - heals, rejuvenates, prevents sickness, prolongs life and transform any aspect of life.
Divine Forgiveness - brings inner joy and inner peace.
Divine compassion - boosts energy, vitality, immunity.

I would like to share with all of you a unique mantra which brings all of those qualities and more. This Mantra is your own personal mantra - it is the song of your soul!
How to bring your Soul Song?
There is a special code to open your soul language(the language that is used for communication between all souls). This code by itself is a powerful haling mantra and is also used to open the heart.
Here is the code: San San Ju Liu Bai Yao Wu (these are chinese numbers.In English these are the numbers 3396815. Each number resonates with different part of the body)
Repeat this mantra really fast, as fast as you can until you can no longer control it any more. it will become gibrish - a strange sound will come out. This sound is your SOUL LANGUAGE. Once you feel comfortable with that, ask your soul language to transform into your SOUL SONG. When Chanting your soul song, the sounds will be streched longer and will go up and down(just like the difference between talking in English and singing the same words).
You can chant your soul song to heal and transform any aspect of life - this is your own personal mantra!
When first bringing your Soul language and soul song out you may experience great joy - your soul would be so happy that you allowed it to express itself in that way!

This is such a powerful tool for healing and it will open a whole new relationship between you and your beloved soul which is your true nature - the essence of your life. To learn more about soul song - Read the book SOUL WISDOM by Zhi Gang Sha, or respond to this message and I will direct you further.
blessings, Gal

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