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Lynne McTaggart

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1Lynne McTaggart Empty Lynne McTaggart on Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:45 pm

As a Reiki master and touch therapist for years I take offense to Lynne's comments in her latest news letter. Lynne is a wonderful journalist; BUT she is not a healer and not a scientist. She is now pretending to be a healer and this does a big dis-service to all the healers who truly have healing abilities. She says, "What is different about her work? She says all her material is scientifically validated. Just because it is scientifically validated does not make her a healer. The scientific research gives support to those who are healers not to make healers of journalists. For the benefit of those who are actually healers, Lynn has to stick with what she does best and that is writing.

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