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2nd group healing Stockton

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12nd group healing Stockton Empty 2nd group healing Stockton on Tue May 19, 2009 1:39 pm


Healing for Stockton
location to receive healing-

NSW, Australia (suburb of Newcastle)

date and time of healing -

Australia - NSW - Sunday 24th May 2009 4:00 PM
UK - Sunday 24th May 2009 7:00 AM
USA - California - Saturday 23th May 2009 11:00 PM

the top three countries who visit the healing circle website have been represented here. If you do not live in any of these areas please visit

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submission by - Janette Stuart

location details - answers by Janette Stuart
what is the current energy or situation of this location?

I have moved here from Brisbane~3 years ago to care for my parents who are both 84 years of age.

I feel that the energies here are a bit low. One day I went outside to feed my cat in the rain, I left the umbrella on the front verandah to dry. I went back 1 and 1/2 hours later and umbrella had gone. Someone had opened the front gate, come onto the verandah and taken it. Unfortunately the umbrella was a special one with the family tartan on it and can't be replaced.

A couple of months later, a parcel left on our verandah by the postman was stolen...it had $120 dollars worth of ABFE in it. I was very disappointed and I don't know what the person who stole the parcel would have done with them...I just hope that it helped them in some way!

There is also an issue with the attitude of our postman, as parcels are not supposed to be left if no-one is home, they are supposed to leave a card in the mail box so you can go to post office and pick it up. I have had many parcels delivered since and still they are just being left on the front verandah, luckily none have been stolen. Unfortunately, most are medicines of some kind and there is the risk of the hot sun getting on them and damaging them.

Within 6 weeks of moving here, I had a starving, stray cat come into our yard, trembling with fear and hiding under one of our trees. He had obviously recently been dumped here. He is still with us.

Two months later, another starving stray cat started coming into our yard when I was feeding the first stray and crying for food. At first I did not feed him, I thought he was owned by someone because he was wearing a collar, but his owners had just dumped him here collar and all. I had to take him to the RSPCA because he was killing the birds that my father was feeding. He has since been re-homed after much praying by me.

Another 6 months later, I found another stray cat severely injured on the road. He is still with us. A couple of months after that, another stray cat very sick and half blind with severe eye infection came in trying to get food, he is still with us. At the same time as this, I was driving home from work and saw a cat barely able to walk on the side of the road. I stopped to have a look, again a starving cat that had been dumped with his collar on and no-one took pity on him. Even though I fed him, this poor fellow ended up dying of heart attack and shock as result of the effects of malnutrition when a dog chased him.

There was also a dog that I am sure had been dumped, who he ran past our place a couple of months ago desperately looking for a place that he recognised. He looked so stressed.

I think that people dump animals here because we are a peninsula and the poor animals can't find their way home so easily.

I feel that the energies here could do with a lift, there are many old sick and frail people living here and many yards are not being maintained. Some homes even have broken windows. I feel that many people here seem to be in poverty consciousness. I also feel that Stockton is a bit isolated. There are very few services here and you just feel separated from the rest of Newcastle.

Anyway, these are some of my observations since living here. I don't know if this is the sort of thing that a group healing can help?

what is the goal of the healing or what does this location need?
To raise the energies of Stockton, to help the people out of a depressed state and help them to take more pride in themselves and their homes.

Some people here are also a bit hard and rough. Not very polite or caring of others. Certainly they are not mindful of others, will push in front of you at the local supermarket...and some (not all) of the staff at the local supermarket are uncaring of the customers.

extra information we may need regarding the healing.

Stockton is placed in what should be a wonderful geographical position..there is the ocean on one side, the river on the other and it faces the harbour. This should be a really nice suburb to live in, since it is surrounded by these special water energies...however it is not. Of course there are some nice homes, near the ocean and overlooking the harbour...but the general feel of the place is quite depressed and not very good. There are many dysfunctional families here.

what is your relationship with this location?
My father grew up here. I moved here with my parents at 1 year of age from Murwillumbah, NSW. Moved away at 18 years of age and have only returned here to help my parents..I am now 55 years of age.

Note from the healing circle:-

Janette provided the healing circle with a map of Stockton not realising the what had been captured on the photocopy. check out the energy blob right over Stockton! It's amazing how energy will reveal itself!

register to participate -
if you are interested in joining us in the healing please register your participation before the Saturday May 16th 2009 by filling out the form provided on
'group healing circle' page under 'register to participate for the month' or follow the link!

number of participants to date -
forty (40) 19/05/09
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22nd group healing Stockton Empty An experience... on Sun May 24, 2009 2:54 pm


First of all... thank you to everyone who participated in the healing today. I felt it was very powerful and felt very strongly connected.
When I first connected to this area I felt there was an energetic cap on it and once lifted a lot of built up toxic energy was able to be released. I feel that this area was/is a catchment for energy from the harbour and some areas north of Stockton. Just look at the shape of this suburb, it feels like the energy has nowhere else to go and builds up here. I felt that lots and lots of toxic energy was cleared and also asked for something to be placed here for future energy to release easily out and up, continually clearing. Once that was done I felt a large healing grid like a grided blanket was placed over the entire area to provide ongoing healing. I also felt that some ancestors of Stockton assisted in griding a further healing connected/sacred geometry grid over the top of the first. This I felt was very powerful.
I am so grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this healing and the distant healing group and hope this has provided some help to this area.
Thank you.

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