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Creating abundance

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creating abundance

The universe has an abundant supply of energy which provides for all, on all levels and layers and throughout all time. It is our own perceptions, beliefsand fear of lack which limits this supply.
Some other limiting factors that may be playing a role are environmental,
generational beliefs patterns and karmic patterns, though these do not have to
remain as blockages, once you become aware of your thought patterns and
environment you are able to address them and change your perception.

Everything you need and want is provided fully by the universe and you may
even have heard some people saying the quote - 'the universe will provide.'

Abundance is not only financial wealth but also comes to us as abundance in
healthy relationships, happiness, friendships, giving and receiving and of
course love.

Some practical things that you can do to bring abundance in to your life are:-

environmental factors

b]clear the clutter[/b] - clutter creates stagnant and stuck energy, so the first thing to do would be to clear your clutter whether that in your home or office or place of work. Don't you notice how more clearly you can think when you are organised and things have a place. Some people have a two year rule of thumb regarding clutter. If you haven't worn it, used it, looked at it for over 2 years - get rid of it!

clear the space - 'clearing the space' is a very powerful technique to which to clear any and all negative energy in your environment. Heavy energy may linger and become absorbed into the fibres of your room, become stuck in corners, bookshelves etc. If there have been arguments, harsh words, heavy music or violent programs on the TV this can cause a build up of this heavy energy. By clearing the space you lift this energy and fill the space with new high vibration energy, this will assist in bringing in the new.
Space clearing techniques -
-use a sage smudge stick and walk around your house or office smudging the rooms.
-use sound by either clapping your hands, ringing a bell or using singing bowls.
-creative visualisation can be used. sit in a quiet space and imagine a whirlwind of pure white or silver light moving around each and every room lifting any and all negative energy up to the light then asking for massive golden light to enter.
-you may ask Angels to assist you in clearing the space, once you have called them in something to can say is - 'just right here and right now, I ask for any and all negative energy or residue on all levels and all layers to be lifted now form this space and taken to be the light to be dealt with and I ask for massive golden light to enter'

grouping- have a look around your home and see how many items you have that are sitting on there own, for example, if you would like to have more friends around you, have you got single photos of people scattered around your home? If so group them all together in one place. Grouping of items brings in abundance and every time you look at these items you are seeing them in abundance and plentiful.

manifesting techniques

∑ have a Vision of what you want in life and start working towards that goal and rember to always follow your Heart and your Passion!

∑ don't give into the fear! there is so much fear lately regarding lack of finances and 'the economy crisis' that it also creates fear! Be practical with your finances though also try not to give into this global fear of lack. Change the channel on your TV or radio when you are aware of the media delivering scare campaigns regarding the economy. Trust that the universe will provide what you need at any one time.

∑ write a list of what you 'want', for example, a healthy flow of customers, a safe and reliable car etc then instead of having these items as a want, start talking and believing you already have these items. If you try and manifest only what you want, you will only receive 'the want.'

∑ another great way to manifest abundance is making by a visionary board or artwork of everything that you wish your life to be filled with. Buy a board canvas or some cardboard and get some old magazines and then start cutting out items or images that portray your life's desires, for example, images of babies, a happy family, a tranquil and peaceful home or even a dream holiday. Paste these images and words out onto your board and place it in a place in your home where you will see it everyday, though be careful not to place this in the toilet area, kitchen or on top of a fireplace. And then start believing that this is your life.

australian bush flower essences

Ian White has created an "abundance" mix of bush flower essences to assist in clearing old negative patterns which may be holding you back from receiving. The essences in this mixture are -

- Bluebell - assists in opening the heart to receive and brings about universal trust and the belief in abundance.

- Boab - helps in breaking negative family patterns and beliefs.

- Five Corners - increases self - love and vitality and joy.

- Philotheca - helps with the ability of accepting and receiving on all levels

- Southern Cross - releases any patterns of victim mentality and assists in bringing about positive attitudes and thought patterns.

- Sunshine Wattle - increases optimism and joy in the present and positive expectations.

You can either take this as a remedy or make it up in a spray to spray around your house, office or other work environment.

using Feng Shui symbols

Feng Shui is the art of placement in order to bring in good energy and keeping
the negative out!
There are many symbols, deities and images that are used to create
abundance and wealth in the belief system of Feng Shui.
First letís start by stating that I am definitely not an expert in Feng Shui and it
is, and can be a very complicated practice to learn as with each year the
energy changes and so does the placement of items etc.
We are just going to focus on Feng Shui basics and also remember please
follow your own instincts with what feels right with in
your home. The basic view on where your wealth corner with in your home, room or office space is the furthest left hand corner away of your opened front door of your
house or door of your room.

- Dragon - placing a dragon image in the office is ALWAYS said to bring great good fortune and is central to Feng Shui beliefs. Place an image or statue in the east of your office or house though never in the bedroom.

- 3 Imperial or Feng Shui coins tied together with a red ribbon - you can carry these in your wallet, purse or cash register or place in your wealth corner.

- Bamboo plants - make sure that these are healthy, if not you must dispose of them immediately. Also place in the wealth corner.

- Lo Shu tortoise - this is a little statue of a Dragon Headed tortoise sitting on top of a pile of coins with one coin in its mouth and a nother tortoise on its back. Place this statue just inside your front door facing in or again in the wealth corner.

- Laughing Buddha - the Laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness, good tidings, affluence and of course, endless wealth.

- Golden Cat - this statue is a sign of protection and a broom sweeping away any negative energy. Also know as the Lucky Cat.

- Bells - rings in abundance and clears negative energy build up.

- Fish - 3 live fish in a bowl or a picture of 8 Koi Carp is said to bring prosperity.

- Wealth bucket - fill a metal container with coins and place it in the wealth corner. Do not display the container, rather keep it in a drawer or cabinet.


Using or placing certain crystals in your wealth corner, purse, wallet or cash till may increase abundance. Remember to program your crystal first if you are wanting to use it specifically for abundance.

- Citrine - probably the most well known crystal for creating abundance

- Dendritic Agate - this is the crystal of plentitutde and aids in bringing abundance on all levels and to all areas of your life.

- Carnelian - this crystal brings in vitality, joy and motivation.

- Cinnabar - it is said to assist the user in selling with out being aggressive or over powering and great for attracting abundance.

- Hawk's Eye - is a type of Tiger's Eye crystal though is very specific and aids in releasing negative thought patterns and restricting beliefs.

- Topaz - has a vibrant energy and helps to create happiness, health and abundance.

- Zincite - assists in the manifesting process

Angelic assistance
The Angelic Realm is always there for guidance and assistance;
all you have to do is ask!

Angels always have your 'Highest good' as the priority and when asking they are able to provide in the 'Highest Good of All.


- Try not to be too specific when asking as the Angels will work in their own way, you may be surprised at how the request manifests itself.

- Don't worry about your request being too trivial or unimportant.

- Be careful what you wish for, as it might just come true!

- Trust in the process.


- "The universe always provides"

- "I have abundance"

- "I accept good in my life now and always"

With all these tips always remember to trust in the process and when placing items or clearing the space do so with purpose and with the intention of attracting abundance on all levels and layers for all time and for the highest good of all.

I hope this is of assistance for you and please try some of the tips;you never know what they may bring into your life.

written by renee longworth
the healing circle

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