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chuckwa healing - by renee longworth

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1 chuckwa healing - by renee longworth on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:26 pm


chukwa healing

lets go on a little adventure...we can float on and through this adventure to meet and ask a question to Chukwa.

find a comfortable position and start to relax in your space. close your eyes and just be aware that your back is straight and make any adjustments that are necessary for you to be comfortable.

bring your awareness to your breath. take a few deep breaths and as you exhale, relax your muscles and feel your body sinking into the floor or chair....just letting go with each breath.

now allow your breath to return to its natural pattern.
i want you to imagine you are at a beach. it is night and the beautiful full moon shines down on the gentle water lapping at the shore. you can feel the cool sand beneath you and feel the earth breathing.

you take a moment to feel the night breeze and the peaceful energy of this beach. the night is warm and you can smell the salt of the water inviting you in for a swim.

the water is safe and calm and you stand and walk towards the water. you dip your foot into the water and feel the softness of its night energy. you slowly submerge into the water and feel the tranquillity around you.

waves gently sway you back and forth in the water and you start to become aware of a water spirit near you. it may be a dolphin, turtle, manta ray, which ever water spirit has approached you, you will recognise as your water totem immediately. they are peaceful and have come to take you on your journey to meet Chukwa.

you greet your water spirit and allow for you to be taken away down deep into the ocean. its is completely safe and you have the ability to breathe in the water. the water spirit shows you beautiful coral, forests of seaweed and multitudes of colourful fish.

still you are taken deeper down into the ocean until you come to a glistering cave, embedded by crystals. here you enter with your water spirit and swim through until you come to an opening. you are able to climb out of the water and onto a rock and admire the beauty of the crystals.

your water spirit encourages you to walk through the tunnel of crystals before you to find the opening. your water spirit will be waiting for you when you return, and so you continue to walk through the tunnel.

after a short time you can see an opening, and beyond the opening the dark night sky with many stars. you walk out of the opening and are surrounded by the night sky.

once you have a chance to look around you, you then
realise what you thought was the opening to the cave is in fact a giant tortoise. this tortoise is called Chukwa and upon her shell carries Mother Earth.

you notice her ancient eyes and skin and her strong and sturdy stance and you greet her. Chukwa has been here since the beginning of time, supporting and carrying Mother Earth on her shoulders.

you now have the opportunity to speak to Chukwa and ask her a question regarding how you are able to assist with healing Mother Earth.

take a moment to ask her the question and wait for her answer.

when you have finished speaking with Chukwa, thank her for her time and wisdom and farewell her. as it is now time to return to the tunnel and back to where you left your water spirit.

you climb back into the gentle water and hold onto your water spirit as they take you back out of the crystal cave. as you slowly ascend through the depths of the water you are able to ponder on Chukwa's answer.

you slowly begin to reach the surface of the water and see the familiar beach before you. it is time for your water spirit to leave, you say goodbye and thank them for their guidance.

you slowly walk out of the water and back onto the beach, feeling the sand beneath you and the Earth breathing. you sit down on the sand and look out into the night sky remembering your meeting with Chukwa.

now bring your awareness back to your breathing and your body lying on the floor or sitting in the chair. notice any noises in the room and start to wriggle your fingers and toes.

when you are ready open your eyes and come back to the room.

you have had a special meeting today with an important message. hold that message close and try to assist healing Mother Earth with the wisdom of Chukwa.

written by renee longworth
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