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sun meditation - by renee longworth

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1 sun meditation - by renee longworth on Wed Feb 04, 2009 5:24 pm


Sun Meditation

Please find a comfortable position, either sitting upright or if you wish lying on the floor. Close your eyes and just be aware that your back is straight and make any adjustments that are necessary for you to be comfortable.

Take a few deep breaths and as you exhale, relax your muscles and feel your body sinking into the floor or chair....just letting go with each breath.

Now allow your breath to return to its natural pattern.

Now I would like you to take yourself into a landscape, it could be a beach, a forest a dessert, or whatever you feel comfortable and safe. And image you are sitting or lying in this place. There is nothing in your landscape that can harm you and there is only loving and peaceful energy here.

Take a moment to become aware of your surroundings...take note of the colours in your safe place...are there any smells or is there a gentle breeze. Just observe.

Now take your awareness to the sky. It is a brilliant blue and the sun is bright and warm, full of giving vitality. just take a few moments to feel this warmth and start to bring this energy down to your body.

Now take your awareness to your solar plexus, this is the point in the middle of your torso just below your ribs, or where ever you feel your solar plexus may sit within your body. Whatever is appropriate for you. Still be aware of the warmth of the sun.

Your solar plexus houses your own personal power and fills your body with energy, strength and courage. Begin to bring the warmth of the sun into this area as you inhale...and with every breath this warmth grows and intensifies until you have a mini sun sitting in your solar plexus.

Just feel this energy...observe its colour and brightness....it is positive and strengthening.....At this moment, you may wish to ask yourself, "have I been honouring myself lately?"...Just observe any thoughts that may arise and allow the suns energy to dissolve any negative beliefs or thought patterns that you may hold about yourself.
Now begin to remember the strength that you hold within yourself....and the warmth that you give yourself and others. And as you breathe in, this energy intensifies. And remember that this little ball of sun that burns within you is eternal.

Now lets start to spread this vibrant and powerful energy around you entire body....revitalising every cell, feeding your organs and energising your essence. Allow it to light any dull areas of your body. Make note of any parts that may need nourishing and just breathe this energy to that area. Feeding these areas with positive, loving and powerful energy.

Feel this energy radiating down your arms....radiating all the way down your legs and to the tips of your toes....and up to the top of your head. Your whole body is radiating with this beautiful strengthening energy.

Now that you have nourished yourself with this light, just slowly start to bring your self back to your solar plexus.....brining yourself back to your little sun. This is your power centre, your internal strength and just like the sun never fades.

Slowly bring your focus back to your landscape and just be aware of how you feel right now....Just observe.

It is now time to leave your safe place...you may like to thank your safe place and the sun for allowing you to remember and trust in the strength you hold within you.

Start to bring your awareness back into the room in which you are sitting or lying. Bring your attention to any noises within the room and outside.

Take a few deep breaths and start to wiggle your toes and fingers. Stretch your arms and legs and when you are ready slowly open your eyes and sit up.

Written by - Renee Longworth
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