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Hellloooo I'm Sky

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1 Hellloooo I'm Sky on Fri Jan 23, 2009 6:04 pm

Hello my name is Sky,

I'm a naturopath working with herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathics and flower remedies.

I love what I do and run my own naturopathic business as well as a multidisciplinary clinic in Newtown, Sydney which hosts a large number of wholistic practioners.

I have been practicing for some time now and the longer I practice the more I 'forget' my teaching and rely on intuition as to what herbs to put in a formula and what will just suit each individual person.

I always wanted to study energetic healing and got into naturopathy as a bridge to energetics. But with or without study I feel that most in the healing profession use intuition and wisdom in their treatments.

So pleased to be a part of this website......

Sky Smile

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