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1st group healing - Location - Cambridge Park, NSW, Australia

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location to receive healing-
Cambridge Park, NSW, Australia (suburb of Sydney)
(particularly the Oxford St shop area)

date and time of healing -
Australia - NSW - Sunday February 22nd 2009 6.00pm
UK - Sunday February 22nd 2009 7.00am
USA - California - Saturday February 21st 2009 11.00pm

the top three countries who visit the healing circle website have been represented here. If you do not live in any of these areas please visit


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submission by - Emma Moulakas

location details - answers by Emma Moulakas

what is the current energy or situation of this location?

The energy in this area is very negative and damp/stagnent - if that makes any sense at all. Since I have lived here my community have faced acts of spiteful vandilism, damage and fear due to the youths that are attracted to wreck havock on this area. The vibes, unless changed, will continue to make this area negative and I believe will perpetuate the cycle.

what is the goal of the healing or what does this location need?
Speaking on behalf of my community we would appreciate some positive vibes and some general intention to protect this area from negativity on a larger scale. Each night I bless the area and ask the Angels to guard but I am sometimes left feeling overwhelmed by the large scale of the negativity. My intention would be to project healing and positive vibes to this area to change the vibrational frequency around the location. In turn attracting people that are in line with this vibrational frequency.

extra information we may need regarding the healing.
This area has a lot of young familys and currently due to this negative vibrational frequency many young men have been attracted to this area to graffiti and vandalise peoples properties and business's.

what is your relationship with this location?

I currently live in this affected area. My house and car have been directly affected with the vandalism that has been attracted to this area. As have my neighbours up and around my street some even having the front walls of their houses graffitied. I would love to be honored with this gift of healing so that I may help my community become a safer, stronger place for the generations to come.

feedback - Emma has kindly offered to provide feedback regarding this healing via the healing circle's forum.

register to participate
- if you are interested in joining us in the healing please register your participation before the Saturday February 21st 2009 by filling out the form provided on 'group healing circle' page under 'register to participate for the month'

number of participants to date - seven (7) 28/01/091st group healing - Location - Cambridge Park, NSW, Australia Googlemapcambridgepark

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21st group healing - Location - Cambridge Park, NSW, Australia Empty Emma's update on Mon Apr 06, 2009 5:34 am


Cambridge park,
located just outside of Penrith NSW the suburb that is my home Smile in the weeks before the amazing healing gift you all provided to me the atmosphere was dark, nightly graffiti being cleaned up every morning was the norm as were community shops being broken into, I had St Mary's police on speed dial to help out for when there were fights on my front yard and personal items being vandalised/broken into - but bleh enough attention to the negative.

Since the healing there has been a HUGE shift in the energy in this area. The council have been out .. Get this .. Once! Yes once to clean up graffiti since, I haven't called the police out for any reason and overall the area feels better. There isn't as much litter in the streets and I don't know if its just cos I'm looking but more people are out and about with family, walking the dog or kids playing in the park.

Whether my community know it or not you have provided us with the most nourishing gift this year. On behalf of my community I thank you for helping shape the energy in my suburb


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