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The Esoteric Agenda Movie - By Ben Stewart

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1The Esoteric Agenda Movie - By Ben Stewart Empty The Esoteric Agenda Movie - By Ben Stewart on Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:58 am

Source - http://www.psyc3d.com/content/esoteric-agenda-review

Whenever the topic of government and religion comes up you can always expect difference and debate and often wars that are based off these two controversial topics. This movie 2hrs6mins long but worth watching has a completely different outlook on the entire world and us as a population. The premise is that all the powers that you see in media and the most prominent figures in the world are simply pawns to a greater super power that controls the destiny of mankind. It details connections to secret organizations such as the Luminati, Knights Templar and others that date as far back as the Myan empire. These organizations which ultimately are directly linked to the British monarchy control everything in the world today from what is in our food to what we see in the media.

This one behind the scenes super power is doing this through manipulating the visible super powers in the world such as the United States and its leaders. Government, laws, media are all focused on one thing and one thing alone. The brainwashing and control of the 87% of the general world population that is susceptible to such mass hypnosis. Using the easiest motivator of the weak minded to control the masses, FEAR is the ultimate motivator for those that have difficulty seeing things for themselves or choose not to see the world and events for what they are and not we are told.

There are signs of this in every walk of life if we choose to look. Taxes is the largest controller of the populous, we pay a large percentage of our hard earned monies to the governments that wage wars on other countries and neglect to take care of economic issues at home. The general population are slaves to debt and to consumerist behavior of buying whatever is pushed into the forefront of the mind through media. The news is there to scare us into believing what the governments what us to be scared of so they can ďprotect usĒ. Protection in the form of new laws, that if you really look at just relieve us of our rights as human beings. Not the rights that are put forth by the governments of the countries we reside in but the rights as living organisms inhabiting this planet.

So why are government and religion the two topics that are best not discussed at the dinner table or with friends. Well it is simple these to factions are ultimately linked. Religion spawned government and government is just a tool to control the populations of countries. Really look back into past and ask yourself if some of what you see in this movie is fact that is shrouded in bureaucracy and news. This movie also describes the face that is global warning and the hype received by ďAn Inconvenient TruthĒ, I will have a complete post dedicated to this topic coming up soon.

This movie is a well spent educational 2 hours, yes there are some topics that seem unbelievable but thatís what is great about being human. The ability to have our own opinions on everything and be able to see the world for what it is to ourselves and not what the organizations in the world want us to see. Keep an open mind and while you watch this video but please donít let it consume your life, remember it is just someone elseís opinion created by connecting the dots of history and forming a conclusion.

View movie here - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6030443037963555139

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