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Edward Bach founder of bach Flower remedies

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1 Edward Bach founder of bach Flower remedies on Tue Dec 16, 2008 6:25 am

I have been taking and prescribing Bach flowers since I did my level 1 in the UK in 2004 also did my level 2 at Mt Vernon, became very interested when I read Heal Thyself by Edward Bach. Edward Bach says that you will need all 38 remedies in a life time and I have used a few. He also wanted all people to be able to heal themselves but did not realise the cost that would be involved when big companies got involved in the process.Recommend flower essences to everyone no matter what sort as long as they work.

The following is a quotation from Dr Edward Bach taken from his
book Free Thyself written in 1932.
It is as simple as this, the Story of Life
A small child has decided to paint the picture of a house in time for
her motherís birthday. In her little mind the house is already
painted; she knows what it is to be like down to the very smallest
detail, there remains only to put it on paper.
Out comes the paint-box, the brush and the paint-rag, and full of
enthusiasm and happiness she sets to work. Her whole attention
and interest is centred on what she is doing -nothing can distract
her from the work in hand.
The picture is finished in time for the birthday. To the very best of
her ability she has put her idea of a house into form. It is a work of
art because it is all her very own, every stroke done out of love for
her mother, every window, every door painted in with the
conviction that it is meant to be there. Even if it looks like a hay
stack, it is the most perfect house that has ever been painted; it is a
success because the little artist has put her whole heart and soul, her
whole being into the doing of it.
This is health, this is success and happiness and true service. Serving
through love in perfect freedom in our own way.
So we come down into this world, knowing what picture we have
to paint, having already mapped out our path through life, and all
that remains for us to do is to put it into material form. We pass
along full of joy and interest, concentrating all our attention upon
the perfecting of that picture, and to the very best of our ability
translating our own thoughts and aims into the physical life of
whatever environment we have chosen.
Then, if we follow from start to finish our very own ideals, our very
own desires with all the strength we possess, there is no failure, our
life has been a tremendous success, a healthy and a happy one.
The same little story of the child-painter will illustrate how, if we
allow them, the difficulties of life may interfere with this success
and happiness and health, and deter us from our purpose.
The child is busily and happily painting when someone comes along
and says, ďWhy not put a window here, and a door there; and of
course the garden path should go this way. ď The result in the child
will be complete loss of interest in the work; she may go on, but is
now only putting someone elseís ideas on paper: she may become
cross, irritated, unhappy, afraid to refuse these suggestions; begin to
hate the picture and perhaps tear it up: in fact, according to the
type of child so will be the re-action.
The final picture may be a recognisable house, but it is an imperfect
one and a failure because it is the interpretation of anotherís
thoughts, not the childís. It is of no use as a birthday present
because it may not be done in time, and the mother may have to
wait another whole year for her gift.
This is disease, the re-action to interference. This is temporary
failure and unhappiness: and this occurs when we allow others to
interfere with our purpose in life, and implant in our minds doubt,
or fear, or indifference.

The picture of a house is an expression of our being: our sense of
ourselves. The way that we paint it is the way that we express the
pattern of our life force.
Bach saw how the thoughts that we have for our life create its pattern.
In this he made a link between our life and health and the way that we
think and feel. Negative thoughts and interference, whether from
ourselves or other people, create a distortion of the true pattern of
what we aspire to be in life. He showed us that the thoughts that we
have are powerful for the destruction, the maintenance and the
creation of life.

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