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can you have a few different animal totems?

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1 can you have a few different animal totems? on Thu Nov 20, 2008 12:19 pm


The first time I met one of my animal totems was when I attended a meditation group after my yoga class, years ago. My totem came to me as a Lion.... then quite a few years later I was attending a circle and met a Lioness... now I think I have different totems every few months or so... I have also had an Eagle and a Black Panther during a shamanic journey...
Is there only one main totem for each person or do different one represent different aspects of yourself?
Has anyone els had experience with more than one totem?
Thanks Bree

2 totems on Tue Dec 09, 2008 10:14 am

Hi Bree;
Yup, sure can have more than one totem. While there are totems common to all (bear, eagle, deer, etc) we also have life totems, working totems, and temporary totems to assist us with the issue we're presently dealing with. So some of them are more like helpers/guides rather than totems. Some totems stay for years, and s we grow and change, so do they. Seeing an animal during meditation does not automatically mean it's your totem though.
cheers, susi

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Hi Bree,

Susi is correct, we do have multiple totems with varying levels of personal significance. I would suggest spending some time in meditation to see what else comes up. You may have an influx of different animals at different times, but your totem animals will be consistent for a longer period.

Animals have so much to teach us! Smile

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