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1 Reiki...... on Tue Sep 30, 2008 2:16 pm

I was wondering what others thought of a Reiki course I was thinking of doing. It is a two day workshop...and it will complete Reiki 1,2 and Master all in the one 2 day workshop. Is this too much at once?
I was going to do just a Reiki 1 course to add to my dip of energetic healing...but found this course. Has anyone experienced a "all in one" reiki workshop?

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2 Reiki on Wed Oct 01, 2008 9:11 am

In my opinion, from the little experience I have of Reiki, you are meant to be initiated into each phase once you have had a bit of experience in the phase before. I have only done up to Reiki II though but found that the second phase was harder as you have to remember symbols and that sort of thing, it's not just about the energy anymore. I would imagine that doing it all in one like that would be quite full on and probably not give you a lot of time for experience in leading up to master.. and giving you time to develop your intuition..

In saying that Reiki personally to me, is more of a background modality which is lovely to have and a great beginner into the world of energy healing.. It's really up to you and whether you want to take Reiki very seriously and use it in your healing in which case I would suggest you do one phase at a time.. I did Reiki I and Reiki II over weekends themselves so I would imagine you would be missing a bit from both phases to take all 3 phases in one weekend.. it doesn't seem right to me, but as I said I am not overly experienced in Reiki Very Happy

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3 Re: Reiki...... on Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:36 am

Yeah Thanks....when I first saw the course I thought...mmmm too much too soon... and wondered why a Reiki Master would put on a workshop that is so quick to get to Master level...I then thought as I have already been working with energy and have some experience maybe.... it might be ok...
may need to investigate further and see what else is about..

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4 Re: Reiki...... on Fri Oct 24, 2008 7:56 am

In reply to your post, from experience I would probely go along with a teacher who does Reiki workshops over three parts, as it does take you time to learn to work with the energy and it may all be too much for you.
With Reiki 1,you will recieve 4 attunments and learn to do work on yourself, friends and family.There will be a huge shift in your psyche, you probley wont notice at the start. That beautiful flow of energy will start working straight way.
I relised the changes within myself a months after my first attunment.I feel it help be rid of blockages with myself and old values and ways of living I no longer required.
Reiki 2 you will be give symbols to work with and be able to distance healing this is magical and I really found a boost of energie and excitemtent withing myself.
Reiki is a really beautiful energy to work with.You can do it anywhere, it available to you 24/7, it never goes away.
I have recieved all attunments to my master level, but i do feel somewhat strange saying im a Reiki Master as I dont believe I yet have all experience to give myself that title.(Hense joining this forum and branching out to those with similar interest is my wa to reaching the inner master.LOL)
You could try looking up
The Reiki Connection website for accredited Reiki Practicions in the Usui method but in saying that Im not apart of the organisation(but i could qualify for level 1 & 2)my master attunmnet was completed my my mother who is a very gifted Reiki/Massage therapist whos also works with angel healings.
Here lingage does not qualify for the Reiki association so Im not sure if its worth it or just something with alot of rules, regualtions and guidelines.
Who cares I think , good luck on your new spiritual adventure.If i gets you out there meeting people, spreading the love than go for it.
Im sure we all know what our guidelines are, we must have respect, not give misleading information, reiki is a complementry practice, we are not doctors.
Hope that helps. I love you

sorry for any spelling mistakes.Im typing with baby in hand.

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5 Re: Reiki...... on Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:41 am

Having completed up to Reiki II myself (with a 6 month break between I and II), I would definitely say DON'T go for an "all in one" package. This would be like the McDonald's of reiki! Fast, cheap, and ultimately less satisfying.

I wholeheartedly agree with others here who've said that you need time to assimilate the energy of Reiki I into your everyday life, before taking on the symbols learnt in Reiki II. More importantly, you need PRACTICE of Reiki I before you will truly be ready for Reiki II or Masters. Practice is something you just will not be able to get in a three-in-one course.

Also, I wonder about the credibility or intentions of a person who would run a "Reiki Master in a Weekend" course. Honestly, you cannot become a "Master" of anything in one weekend (maybe shoelace-tying?! lol). I would suggest you need at least two years between taking your Reiki I and finally going for your Masters, although of course everyone has their own pace.

My Reiki teacher always told me that he refuses to teach a Masters course to anyone, unless they have the solid intention of using this knowledge/attunement to continue on to teach Reiki themselves. In doing a "Reiki master in a Weekend" course, there's not much time to make such a monumental decision - particularly when you've only just been introduced to Reiki energy! As I said, it would be lacking a certain something - sacredness, patience, practice etc.

Fast Reiki is like Fast Food - don't do it!!!

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