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Do you suffer from frequent back pains? Do your back pains come and go, but at times they can leave you unable to do
anything? Is your bad back having a negative impact on your quality of life, and stopping you even from doing day to day activities?
The body is just a manifestation of consciousness on the physical level. In fact, we're just thinking and feeling that we have a body. Using this astonishing concept, we can make elimination of the roots of back pain very simple and straightforward.
The spine is very important since this is the main energetic and informational cord of the body. We know that back pain is created either by trauma, hard work, stress and depression. To eliminate the back pain we need to uproot the guilt, lack of trust, lack of self-confidence, anxiety and stress from the Sub Consciousness Mind. Doing that will lead to an inflow of blood to the back and a releasing of the shoulders, while killing the pain in the spine and lower back.
The body injury is usually created by the situation or chain of situations when we have been hurt by someone and the mind feels the pain. Pain is inside you, even if you donít feel it. Your consciousness harbors the pain in sub consciousness mind (aka ego) to prevent yourself from self-destruction. It was found recently, that for each year of agony, people lose about a cubic centimeter of gray matter. With time, the centimeters add up: it found that subjects with chronic back pain had anywhere from 5 to 11 percent less gray matter than control subjects. The suffering is literally toxic.
Hardworking and Heavy thinking
The roots of hardworking are laid down in low self-esteem. The patient may follow the false religious or social doctrine Ė and, actually, negate himself (or the body) in order to please his parents, bosses, wife, priests etc. On the other side, hard work is stimulated by greed and the desire for power. All these false concepts are rooted in ignorance of real determination of the human being to become GOD with the way of realization of oneís divine nature. It is not necessary to say that a lot of thinking makes people ďheavy-headedĒ bending the spine into a question mark. The persistent and consistent purification of the ego will lead to discovering the real potential deeply hidden in the human being under the layers of fears, pains, attachment, convictions, grudges etc.
Stress and Depression
It is almost impossible to live with stress on a long-term basis, as chronic stress can be harmful both physically, and emotionally. Stress becomes chronic when it occurs over an extended period of time. This is usually the case when you experience a number of setbacks, with which you feel unable to cope. Stress is usually reflected in the lumbar. A number of stress situations block the blood flow, create muscle tension, and make this part of the body stiff and cold.
Your back pains do not have to control your life forever! Our Masterís Solution: No More Back Pain for subconscious mind is designed to eradicate the roots of pain, and reduce the amount of back pain you experience, and eventually to stop it from coming back at all. It works by eliminating of negative emotional charge stored in your subconscious mind to stamp out stress and other causes of your painful back aches, and to focus your entire mind on a positive future without any back pains.
Just imagine how much more freely you could live, and how much more productive you could be if you could relieve your bad back quicker and easier, or if you could stop the pains from coming back as strongly in the future! Use our Masterís Solution as a form of natural back pain relief, and also re-start it on an ongoing basis to reduce future pain!
To stop the back pain and prevent your body self-destructing GET Masterís Solution.

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