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How to Delete Feelings of Inadequacy That Are Killing Your Success?

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Life Force Energy is akin to the soulful/spiritual energy that is responsible for consciousness, freewill, the ability to discern, one's sense of self, self awareness, intuition, creativity, self confidence, self esteem, self worth, emotional self sufficiency, empowerment, enlightenment, inner wisdom and truth, the functional and structural integrity of the mind/body and one's sense of personal adequacy, only to name a few.
Sadly, Life Force Energy is progressively depleted from the mind/body throughout the course of one's life in this reality. We call this depletion process "aging"
What few realize, or have been "programmed" to forget, is that this process is actually abnormal. So what do I mean by that?
Well, let me start be saying that Life Force Energy is incrementally depleted from the mind/body whenever a person experiences a negative or traumatic event in their life. Such events become instantly and seemingly permanently downloaded into the subconscious mind and remain anchored there resulting in irreparable damage.
Damage, you say?
Yes, damage!
If you summon up one of your own negative memories and focus on how it makes you feel you'll invariably notice that some or all of the following are present: energy is drained, sadness, fear, a sense of vulnerability, regret, and feelings of inadequacy, shame, failure, regret, humiliation, heart break etc.
If you look at what this all does to one's passion or enthusiasm for life you'll see immediately that they are depleted. Well all of this is equivalent to a depletion of one's Life Force Energy.
In other words those memories behave like what I have called " Life Force Energy Parasites" that ultimately kill you and are therefore highly toxic!
So is it possible to delete this negativity? Yes!
A decade ago a new self-development technique was developed that revealed memories behave like "computer viruses" that manage to cunningly get into one's mind/body (usually through the experience of traumatic events) and while there hijack one's mind leading to self destructive behaviours/choices that further traumatize eventually leading to the aging and death of the individual.
Also learned was that such "parasites" could permanently and systematically be erased from the mind/body. This erasure helped to spontaneously and cumulative restore the Life Force Energy to the mind/body with the net result that individuals began to feel themselves as alive, present, empowered, strong, clear, peaceful, creative, enlightened, discerning, whole, complete, and healthy as never before.
What's more as Life Force Energy was progressively reintegrated it provided a welcome surge in resilience to further negative events thus making it possible to permanently restore the individual to their whole and Authentic Self.
With this also came a great sense of adequacy that felt natural and normal!
As I'm sure you can see, this allowed these individuals to literally reclaim full and complete control over the direction of their lives.
So if you are one of those individuals who has been struggling with feelings of inadequacy or perhaps low self esteem, low self worth, low self confidence, poor self image, patterns of self sabotage, negative thoughts or limiting beliefs or a whole host of other negative feelings and you wish to take your life back simply click here and get Masterís Solution: Processing of emotional self-expression.

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